PUB Singapore – Every Drop Counts

Ocean, n. A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man — who has no gills.

Irony aside, just because we have so much water on earth, it doesn’t mean we can rely on it as an endless natural resource for the whole world. It is not.

Water myth



Water is crucial for life. It is critical for long-term economic development, human health, social welfare and environmental sustainability.

Water scarcity already affects every continent. More than 1.2 billion people, almost 1/5 of the world’s population, live in areas of physical scarcity, and 500 million people are approaching this situation.

Hey Singaporeans, are you aware that our tiny island has a very limited water supply?

Almost 1/4 of the world’s population, face economic water shortage (where countries lack the necessary infrastructure to take water from rivers and aquifers).

Hey Singaporeans, do you know how blessed we are to have such easy access to DRINKABLE tap water?


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 5.29.17 pm







  • The UN/Unicef has said that more people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.
  • The ancient Romans had better water quality than half the people alive now.
  • Disease spreads quickly in a village of 1,000 people when 400 of which do not have access to a latrine or water for hygiene.
  • The world health organization indicates that for every dollar invested in clean drinking water there is a $5 – $50 return on investment (average $12). When people are healthy, they can go to school, work, raise their families, etc.
  • Young girls are missing school because neither their school or homes have adequate drinking water and sanitation facilities (including separate school latrines for girls and boys), limiting their chances of escaping their families’ poverty.
  • On average, women in Africa and Asia have to walk 3.7 miles to collect water.
  • Safe water is especially important for pregnant women in order to protect her and her baby from serious diseases, such as diarrhea, malaria, measles, and hepatitis. Sick children consume a considerable part of a woman’s time, disabling her from performing other activities.
  • A five minute shower we take will use more water than a person living in a developing slum will use in a whole day.

Am I trying to guilt-trip you? Maybe ;)


I think majority of Singaporeans take our clean water supply for granted and we could use a bit of a jolt to our conscience!

Singapore has little land to collect and store rainwater. We have faced drought, floods and water pollution in the early years of our nation building. Despite our dire lack of water resources in a severely land scarce nation, the PUB (Public Utilities Board) has since done a fantastic job of ensuring 5 million people have their water needs met.




Nonetheless, we need to do our part as well, to help manage the demand-supply. Can you imagine if we one day face a shortage crisis?

Malaysia could simply decide to cut off their water supply to us.

And, we could face a prolonged period of drought.

Just this year, there was little or no rainfall since mid-January. The importance of water conservation was stressed by our leaders as Singapore observed World Water Day. Activities aimed at spreading the water conservation message were held island-wide.

Read more here –


I myself, a self-confessed habitual water-waster, was woken to my senses when I was asked to help in PUB’s water conservation efforts!


 With PUB’s mascot, Water Wally


It was a small honour to play a part in bringing across an important social message such as this.

My roadshows were held at Singapore Management University campus grounds. In preparing for and hosting the two day event, I was reminded of all the ways I can conserve water in my daily activities, while passing on tips to the students and public through fun and games! It was lovely meeting my followers too, much love right back at ya!

1977337_589851797772172_1616056832_n 1975106_589851104438908_1559324502_n 1959388_589853631105322_426315663_n 1957985_589852271105458_140090709_n 1912497_589683551122330_2055957289_n 1912137_589852194438799_274586604_n 1510620_589851004438918_620732133_n 1506729_589852737772078_593020827_n 1456097_589850877772264_1892196983_n 1383085_589851897772162_666937066_n 1016468_589851174438901_1504853583_n






Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 3.21.00 pm

Kooky selfie with Peggy aka DJ Thy Dowager, who was part of the event organization


Saving water = saving $$$ too

  • Use a tumbler when brushing your teeth. 
  • For dual flush flushing cistern, use reduced flush for liquid waste.
  • Do not thaw food under running water. Let it defrost overnight inside the refrigerator instead. 
  • Wash vegetables and dishes in a sink or container filled with water.
  • Run the washing machine only on a full load. 
  • Collect rinse water from the washing machine for flushing the toilet or mopping the floor. 
  • Turn off taps tightly to ensure they do not drip.
  • Check for leaks in flushing cisterns, pipes,taps, etc and repair them immediately to prevent water wastage.
  • Use a bucket for car washing instead of a running hose.
  • Water plants by using a watering can instead of a running hose. 



As for myself, the biggest change I have made to my habits is…. to my showers!

I used to always leave the tap running while shampooing and scrubbing. Good Lord, how much unnecessary water did I waste? O.O

Now, I make it a point to turn off the shower head.


Look ma, no running water!

Try switching to smart water saving fittings for your taps and baths (like I did), it makes a huge difference in the long run.

Learn how you can install the thimble and save 5% of your water consumption:


Collect your very own thimble kit, courtesy of PUB sg: Redeem for FREE today!



Famous Rare Photos

These rare photos will surprise you, tickle you, or even reveal relationships and other sides of famous people you’ve never before seen!One thing’s for sure – I love myself some good ole’ history and nostalgia :)
Cameramen recording the lion roar for the MGM logo

Cameramen recording the lion roar for the MGM logo

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein


Barack Obama on his high school basketball team

Barack Obama on his high school basketball team

Arnold Schwarzenegger in New York for the first time in 1968

Arnold Schwarzenegger in New York for the first time in 1968

Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet deer, Ip, in Beverly Hills, CA -1958.

Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet deer, Ip, in Beverly Hills, CA -1958.

Pablo Picasso & Brigitte Bardot - 1956

Pablo Picasso & Brigitte Bardot – 1956. Is she pouting because Picasso didn’t make her his new muse?


Bruce Lee dancing

Bruce Lee dancing

Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger - 1969

Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger – 1969

Madonna, Sting and Tupac hanging out.

Madonna, Sting and Tupac hanging out.

Steven Spielberg sits in the mechanical shark used in JAWS

Steven Spielberg sits in the mechanical shark used in JAWS

Ernest Hemingway's passport photo - 1923

Ernest Hemingway’s passport photo – 1923

Marathon Runners at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece - 1896

Marathon Runners at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece – 1896

Norway celebrates the first ever bananas arriving in the country

Norway celebrates the first ever bananas arriving in the country

Construction of Eiffel Tower in 1880

Construction of Eiffel Tower in 1880

Elton John at the piano bar aboard his private plane - 1976

Elton John at the piano bar aboard his private plane – 1976

Diane Keaton and Al Pacino on set for The Godfather 1972

Diane Keaton and Al Pacino on set for The Godfather 1972

Sean Connery as James Bond, poses with Aston Martin DB5 - 1965

Sean Connery as James Bond, poses with Aston Martin DB5 – 1965

The US-built ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was one of the first computer ever made

The US-built ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was one of the first computer ever made

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914 -- The Founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914 — The Founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Fidel Castro and Malcolm X discussing politics and family - 1960

Fidel Castro and Malcolm X discussing politics and family – 1960

Hilter as the best man in Joseph Goebbels wedding

Hilter as the best man in Joseph Goebbels wedding

Robert Downey Jr. and Slash

Robert Downey Jr. and Slash

Bill Gates' mug shot for driving without a license 1977

Bill Gates’ mug shot for driving without a license 1977

A young Osama Bin Laden with his family in Sweden during the 1970s. Bin Laden is second from the right in a green shirt and blue pants.

A young Osama Bin Laden with his family in Sweden during the 1970s. Bin Laden is second from the right in a green shirt and blue pants.


Mother’s Day High Tea at Westin Hotel

It can be so easy to forget just how much a mother gives, and how much of herself she  is willing to give.  How much she loves.  How much she cares. How much she worries, nurtures and encourages.

A mother’s love is the closest thing to perfect, unconditional love in this stinkin’ world. And when I think of all the huge and little acts of love my mommy has done for me, words cannot express the immense heartfelt gratitude I feel. From making sure that I always have meals to eat (to the point of over-feeding me!), to packing my room when it gets messy and  helping out with my business whenever she can, no doubt every single day her love is evident.

We must regularly show our appreciation for our mothers and the *often* thankless job they do. It’s practically a 24/7 all-encompassing, life-dedicating job till they die. It’s only right we honour the most important woman in our lives!

This Mother’s Day, we brought our mom to high tea at the new Westin Hotel Singapore, where I recently had the pleasure of a staycation. I thought the Lobby Lounge looked nice with great floor-to-ceiling views of the bay, and we felt it’d be right up our mom’s alley!


Flowers and present for the VIP



Standard high tea tier set



6Rather than the traditional side biscuit, our coffee came with cute mini ice cream cones.




Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! Kisses from your daughters.

After our lovely high tea, we took her to watch The Amazing Spider Man 2 in IMAX 3D. I was thinking, someone seriously really needs to open an IMAX 3D GOLD CLASS theatre – the ultimate movie experience win. You heard the idea here first! ;)

Here’s to the most amazing, strong, kind, determined, wise, inspiring, loving and self-sacrificing Proverbs 31 woman who just got better and better with age…

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.15.01 AM

 I love you mommy dearest, the most beautiful woman ever in my eyes! (Love the awesome Farrah Fawcett hair you had too :P)


Mother’s Day at Spa Club

Sponsored Advertorial

My mom is a very lucky woman for this year’s Mother’s Day. She’ll celebrate not once but twice ;)

After some noon-time shopping, I took the most important lady in my life to the premium luxury spa in the heart of town for a whole afternoon of indulgence as an early Mother’s Day treat!


A paradise of over 9,000ft, SPA CLUB AT BEACH ROAD combines the talent of leading therapists with the finest brands in the world and a lavishly plush environment, to ensure every client has an unforgettable and luxurious experience.


IMG_6006Mom’s excited because she absolutely lovvveees massages, and sitting on that beautifully soft fur throw? Definitely off to a good start.


SPA CLUB only uses the world’s finest products, such as Aromatherapy Associates.


Mommy picks her massage oil scent.

Tour of the 9000 square feet piece of heaven… every bit stylish, modern and posh. And they scored extra brownie points with me for being extremely, spotlessly clean!





Another high-end line of products carried here is ILA

Your every need is met - water and nuts provided to snack on in the bathrooms!

Every need is considered – free flow water and nuts provided to snack on

Starting off with a shower in the marble bathroom.



Aromatherapy Associates bath products

Next, the suana.




If the suana isn’t hot enough, there’s the gorgeous Amethyst Steam Room that will take your breath away. Figuratively and literally.

It got pretty darn scorching hot in there (for good reason: it cleanses, stimulates circulation and the immune system.) But sitting there in the quiet darkness with healing amethyst rock and the enthralling starry lights above, was quite simply, a surreal and unforgettable first time experience.

Subsequently, cool off with their special ice fountain.  It looked like a magical fairytale well and I was expecting some spell casting potion to bubble up or to see a wizard in my reflection or something. But reality is, the ice fountain has a  key significance: blood vessels extended by the heat now rapidly contract. The interplay between heat and cold serves as a blood-vessel workout and also furthers the removal of waste products.

Lastly, jump into the pool!




And we’re all relaxed and prepped for our 60 minute massage.



Jacuzzi & romantic candles in our treatment room


Finally, the cherry on top is in the atmospheric “movie room” where we ended with an excellent foot massage (Yes while seated in Eames loungers ;P)

IMG_1760 IMG_5974IMG_5985IMG_5988IMG_5989IMG_5995


Doesn’t mommy look well-rested and delighted? :)

Many thanks to SPA CLUB for warmly hosting us!


If you’re wondering how to lavish your mom with some love this Mother’s Day, look no further than SPA CLUB AT BEACH ROAD. It will be an unparalleled experience fit for a queen like her.

And you can easily walk over to Purvis Street for a celebratory dinner at one of the fantastic restaurants there!


BottomSlim Review

Advertorial Feature

You’ve heard it (and said it) all before.

“I can’t wear this dress because it’ll show my tummy!”

“I’m too tired to go to the gym frequently after work!”

“I try to eat healthier but it doesn’t help my thighs or cellulite!”

“Does my butt look big in this?”


Women. We’re always so hung up about our bodies!
I’m going to be blunt and say that yes, taking care of ourselves physically and keeping ourselves in shape IS important.

Of course, it should NOT be the basis by which we measure our self-worth and value. Don’t get obsessed with it. There are so many other aspects of life and qualities we should pride ourselves on – our intelligence, integrity, strength as a mother/wife, contributions to society, achievements in career, arts, or sports etc.
Nevertheless, wellness is a whole package, both internal and external. A healthy body image boosts our self-confidence. Exercise improves our energy levels and mood. Eating right and taking care of your body keeps you younger, healthier and makes you feel lighter.

For many of us girls, we like fashion and dressing up, hence having a slender lower body to look good in our stylish clothes is also a concern!

But there are some obstacles we face:

-      metabolism rate decreases with age ( a whopping 5% every 10 years after you turn 25 years old! )

-      stuborn areas like inner thighs, tummy and calves are difficult to slim down even with general exercise

-      cellulite, stretch marks even if you’re not big.


So when I heard I was invited to BottomSlim, I could not wait to try another way to trim away my pockets of additional bulge!


I visited their Ngee Ann City -Takashimaya branch, right in the heart of town.
A great place to retreat to after a day of work and shopping.

BottomSlim is the pioneer in targeted lower body slimming. They only use natural, non-invasive methods and assisted advanced technology.

Innovative serums used in their treatments

Innovative serums used in their treatments

They’re one of the top slimming centers in Singapore, and are proud to be the Main Presenter for this year’s Mediacorp Star Awards 2014!

Star Awards_Bottom Slim_(800px)-01

Catch the awards show live this Sunday


IMG_5233 IMG_5144


Flora, pretty lights, soft throw cushions and hot rose bud tea served put me in a relaxed mood.


Filling up a questionnaire to understand my physical state, habits and areas of concern.


A professional BottomSlim specialist, Kate, then sat down with me for an in-depth consultation and personalised lower body analysis. Not only did she display sincere care and concern for me, her “patient”, she took the time to explain, with easy-to-understand drawings, the mechanics of fat cell multiplication and the various ways to tackle them.


The therapist examines me to determine a suitable treatment plan (while I try to conceal my embarrassment at having someone feel my tummy fat)



Next, the dreaded reality check -  measuring my weight, body fat percentage, and water retention.  I must say I’m amazed this nifty little scale can do ALL that!



My therapist notes down the dismal numbers, haha. I’m slightly over ideal levels for my body fat and water retention levels. Sob.


But its okay, BottomSlim is here to help!!!

Getting cozy in the treatment room, with welcoming rose petals…





This was the course of treatments lined up for my session:


X Plus Fat Loss Therapy ( Customized Target Area: Tummy area ):

- breaks down excess fat deposits

- tones and lifts sagging muscles for better definition

- promotes overall circulation and boosts metabolism

- boosts lymphatic drainage to rid you body of excess of lactic acid accumulation, feel less lethargic and tired!

- reduces appearance of cellulite

- lightens stretch marks and scars

- reshaping of lower body parts that have gone out of shape with bulges. for e.g. a more defined waistline



They took photos of my before and after right after the first treatment, and I was pleasantly surprised by the result.  As you can see, my tummy looks flatter and my waist is slightly more defined!


Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer:

- Shapes and trims away unwanted bulges at difficult to lose areas ( tummy, hip, thighs)

- relieves water retention

- tones and shapes up body area

- detoxification

- improves overall circulation



Slender Light Therapy + Fat Blast Mask Treatment:

- softens and breaks down fat deposits

- boosts metabolism to promote internal fat burning

- relieves water retention

- aids in weight loss



Overall the whole experience was very comfortable, at most you’d feel some mild tingly sensations, at other times it was like getting a good massage. I even dozed off a bit at some moments!


I didn’t lose 5 pounds immediately after, but I could feel the firming effect and see a difference.
For a natural, pain-free solution, I would say it met my expectations. I’m definitely keen to do more sessions to help tone up my chubby lower areas. I need all the help I can get! While I continue to exercise and eat right of course! :)



Thank you BottomSlim for the fabulous fat-blasting session!

If you’ve trying to shape up your tummy, legs and thighs, why not give BottomSlim a try too?


* * * Exclusive promotion for my readers: * * *


Double deal special!

$10 for 5 X-Plus Fat Loss Therapy + PhytoSlim Essence (U.P. $988)

Bring a friend along and both enjoy 1 x FREE Session of Tummy Trimmer (worth $388) and stand to win $3888 worth of customized bottomslim services!

(Alternatively, sign up  HERE)

Terms and Conditions:

-      Females above 18 years old and above only

-      While stocks last for PhytoSlim Essence

-      Strictly by appointment only.

-      Promotion valid for 2 months



  • Ngee Ann City

391B Orchard Road #05-18 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873 

  • City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road #B2-33, Singapore 208539

o   Square 2 (Novena)

10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19 Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506

o   Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #02-67, Singapore 449269

  • Nex Mall

23 Serangoon Central #03-31, Singapore 556083


  • Jurong East

Blk 134 Jurong gateway road #01-311 unit 3, Singapore 600134


Resorts World Genting – Weekend Getaway

Advertorial Feature

There’s a little place not far from Singapore, just a few hours coach ride away, where one can escape for fun, dining, entertainment, relaxation, and best of all (everyone tortured by the insane heat of recent months will love this)…. nice cool weather!

Welcome to Resorts World Genting in Malaysia.

genting-aerial view


Known as the ‘Fun City Above the Clouds’, it’s set amidst the misty mountain highlands near the capital of Kuala Lumpur. This integrated resort proved to be a delightful weekend retreat for my sister and I :)

There are several hotel accommodations at Resorts World Genting to suit every taste and budget. We stayed at the top tier Genting Grand Hotel, ideal for people seeking the highest standards of style and comfort.



The hotel maintains it’s historic facade, as this building has been an icon since it was first built in 1978.

In fact, I remember staying here when I was a young kid in the late eighties/early nineties –  even back then it was a very popular destination for travellers in the region, and my whole extended family made a trip up together!

Now, the inside of the hotel was recently renovated in 2013 to reflect a modern sophistication, with artful lines of luxurious marble and natural wood.


Lobby entrance




Waiting area

Checking in….



I absolutely love the wonderful spring-like climate in Genting. And it gives me good reason to wear my jackets! (seems like I buy awesome jackets so that I will travel to cold countries, not the other way round, go figure ^.^)

With temperatures ranging from 15 – 25 degrees celcius, it’s like being in Europe or eternal air-conditioning! Wonderful.


Décor on the room floors

Our hotel room was bright, airy and elegant.

IMG_6896 IMG_6901



Complimentary Nespresso machine included


Spacious bathroom. His & hers vanity tops. Bathtub and separate shower (not pictured)

The service was commendable as well. A call to the housekeeping only took them less than 10 minutes to attend to us.

* * *

Lunch was at Imperial Rama, a Thai-Chinese fine dining restaurant that incorporates the best of Chinese culture and traditional Thai influences.


I’m a glutton for both Chinese and Thai cuisine; I couldn’t wait to experience the best of both worlds!


The inside feels like a high-end Chinese restaurant with full-length glass windows for an amazing view.



We had our own private dining room. Exclusive, I like. All the better to throw a party in ;)

I was starving by this time, and let me tell you, from the perspective of a girl who is picky about her food, the food here certainly did not disappoint.

Dish after dish of enthralling gastronomic creations were served, beautifully presented as they were delicious.

We started of with the “Imperial Three Treasures” appetizer.

Thai royal salad

Thai royal salad

Mushroom salad with truffle oil

Mushroom salad with truffle oil

Thai fish crackers

Thai fish crackers

Seafood tom yam soup

Seafood tom yam soup

Steamed Emperor Fish with superior soya sauce

Steamed Emperor Fish with superior soya sauce

This majestic catch costs 3000RM or S$1200, so savor every bite!

$100 about to go down my tummy right here

$100 about to go down my tummy right here

Next up were two varieties of Alaskan King Crab. Mmmm.

“Teochew cold” style. 馬上吃!

“Teochew cold” style. 馬上吃!

Steamed with egg white & superior stock soup

Steamed alaskan king crab with egg white & superior stock soup

King Prawn in twin styles: Salted egg & Cheese Baked

King Prawn in twin styles: Salted egg & Cheese Baked

Deep-fried bean curd with fresh fruit sauce & stir-fried vegetarian deluxe

Deep-fried bean curd with fresh fruit sauce & stir-fried vegetarian deluxe

Green curry chicken with Imperial fried rice

Green curry chicken with Imperial fried rice

And who can resist anything durian for dessert… not me ;)

Durian tempura with sour sop

Durian tempura with sour sop

Our dazzling meal at Imperial Rama was unique and memorable, not to mention very tasty.

It was a good balance of the two cultures that inspire it. The delicate finesse of Chinese creations with intensely appetizing flavors of Thai preparations, combines for a distinctive and delightful feast.

Needless to say, my sister food-comatosed after.



* * *

After a blissful siesta, we prepped ourselves for evening’s exciting itinerary – dinner and a musical extravaganza concert! Not saying who or what yet… but did you spot the clue earlier? :)

Dinner was at Lttitude, a multi-cuisine, fine-dining restaurant in the exclusive and premier Genting Club.

Membership to the Genting Club is by invitation only – so you’ve got to be either a high roller at the casino or be someone important to join.

Thank you Resorts World for giving us the VIP treatment

Thank you Resorts World for giving us the VIP treatment



Outfit of the night. Bright graphic prints with my fuchsia YSL clutch.

insta3 insta2

Classy and cool, Ltitude is an award-winning restaurant with Chinese, Japanese and Spanish head chefs to whip up exquisite courses for diners.






Be wowed by the tasting room stocked with hundreds of exquisite wines and liquors.

Be wowed by the tasting room stocked with hundreds of exquisite wines and liquors.

Our table

Our table

The show kitchen concept makes it more interesting as I got to watch the deft handiwork of the chefs.

IMG_7070 IMG_7033 IMG_6993 IMG_6966


Wood fired pizzas!


As expected, dinner had an international flair.

Oriental soup

Oriental soup

Chinese noodles

Chinese noodles

Cod fish main / Fresh Japanese sushi

Cod fish main / Fresh Japanese sushi

IMG_7088 IMG_7091

This surprising trio of dessert went together delightfully. If I’m not wrong, it comprised of vanilla ice cream, custard cream and raspberry compote.


We thoroughly enjoyed dinner at Ltitude :)

Now onwards to the Arena of Stars…

* * *

Arena of Stars is a 45,000 square feet musical amphitheater located at the outdoor theme park section of Resorts World Genting. It seats 5000 and regularly hosts concerts by diverse world-famous acts ranging from Jolin Tsai and Andy Lau, to Black Eyed Peas and Elton John.

There’s something different all the time, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for their latest gigs!


It was a bit of a hike to the concert venue, walking through various escalators to get to the Arena of Stars. But the work out after our big dinner was worth it.


IL DIVO: A Musical Affair


Four tall, dark and handsome men, sexily suited up, belting out hits in their commanding operatic voices.

What’s not to like?

26 million best-selling albums sold worldwide can’t be wrong. I couldn’t help but fall under their spell too.


The attractive multinational quartet consists of Spain’s Carlos Marin, American David Miller, Urs Buhler from Switzerland and France’s Sebastien Izambard.

Did you know they were formed by Simon Cowell? Yes indeed! They’ve certainly got the looks AND talent. What incredible tenors!

The concert intertwined the most-loved Broadway musical hits, in addition to songs drawn from each member’s individual repertoire. It was a great showcase of Il Divo’s signature romantic and emotional interpretations of heartfelt classics.

They charmed the audience with friendly banter, sharing tidbits of their personal experiences in between singing. We learnt, for example, that Urs Buhler actually loves rock and heavy metal music. Spaniard Carlos Marin was not only the one with the deepest voice, he was evidently the hot-blooded one of the lot. With his tie and collar undone, he coyly flirted with the ladies, proclaiming himself to be single and cheekily asking for phone numbers.
Joining them as a guest was award-winning Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga. She is best known for being the original Miss Saigon, her successful roles on major Broadway productions, not to mention being the singing voice of Disney’s Princess Jasmine and Mulan.


She was the yin to the men’s yang, providing an angelic quality to the songs with her gorgeous, crystal clear voice.

The funny thing was, I was not aware of who Lea Salonga was before this. When she sang Disney’s “A Whole New World” with Il Divo, my eyes widened. Astounded, I remarked to my sister, “Wow she is really good! She sounds exactly like the real thing!”

And when the duet ends, she mentions that she IS in fact the original singer. Lol.

It was a treat to see and hear the real Princess Jasmine live.


The concert climaxed with Il Divo delving into their finale, the majestic “Time to Say Goodbye”. To which the crowd went wild screaming “NO!!!”

If you want to hear the guys, I have a short video on my instagram here –


Goodbye it was not, for lucky us at least.

We managed to catch Il Divo and Lea Salonga at the after party in Genting Club afterwards!

 IMG_3723 IMG_7127

1901827_10153939095495511_1123977317_nWith my favorite Il Divo member, the handsome Urs Buhler. One word – cheekbones.


With the Casanova Carlos Marin. He was just like his onstage persona, flirty! Yep, unbuttoned shirt remains 24/7.

The 360 Bar in Genting Club is swanky party venue with plush lounge seatings, and a full 360 degree view of the circular stage where a live band plays.


The band that night was decidedly quite hipster, doing fun covers of current pop hits.

The girls kicking back some drinks together

The girls kicking back some drinks together


The 360 Bar was a great way to cap off the exciting day.

Tip: The Genting Club casino tables are very close by! ;)


* * *

After a restful night’s sleep, my sister and I woke up the next day for breakfast buffet. To our surprise, our reserved table was empty. Being sleepy pigs usually, we couldn’t believe we were the only ones amongst the crew who were there!

IMG_7165 IMG_7153 IMG_7152 IMG_7172 IMG_7147 IMG_7142

Before check out, we had one last treat in store.

* * *

A pampering massage at the M Spa.

7969227968_be98efc4fe_b IMG_7179 IMG_7185 IMG_7197

Sun-filled lounge area with full glass windows

Sun-filled lounge area with full glass windows

Same goes for the enormous gym.

Same goes for the enormous gym.

The spa is contemporary, clean and welcoming.



High tech treatments you can try.

High tech treatments you can try.


Sister and I all psyched for our “couple” Balinese massage.

In all honesty, it was one of the best massages I had ever experienced. Both of us fell into a blissful slumber. The blend of oils that the therapists used smelt amazing. No doubt about it, I’d be back here again in a heartbeat.

Once we emerged kneaded and rejuvenated, we were served tea & fruits.


Happy & relaxed!

Happy & relaxed!



Remember to check out the M Spa shop to bring home a piece of heaven. They stock OPI nail polishes as well.


And then, it was time to pack up and check out.


Squeezed some time at the casino before leaving, and I must say, my “luck” there is pretty good! I made a tidy sum to go shopping at the resort’s vibrant mall First World Plaza.


Thank you Resorts World Genting for the wonderful experience. I definitely hope to come back again soon for more leisure and entertainment!
p.s  a Twentieth Century FOX Theme Park is being built at the moment, I can’t wait for it to open!

For more holiday information and promotions: 


Christmas 2013

Long overdue! Here’s the low down on what happened over my favourite festive holiday! the time we celebrate the the grace and love of Jesus :)

+ House party with friends +


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We played Secret Santa. Think Christmas gifts have to be expensive? Think again. Look at what everyone got with a budget of only $20!



Note: Greed for money will be your downfall. Funniest gift of the day courtesy of Emily!

And the cutest present ever……



+ Christian Fellowship Party +

The girls all tried to come in shades of red or green. The guys obviously couldn’t be bothered!

We sang songs of worship and traditional Christmas carols while holding candles… what a beautiful and uplifting time in His presence.





The speaker of the evening was Pastor Vera Lim from Perth, Australia.


This mighty woman of God devoted her life to Christ after had a supernatural experience when she died and came back to life. She runs the Jesus Heals Us Ministry in Perth, in addition to being greatly anointed in the gifts of the spirit.


I was incredibly blessed and encouraged by her prophetic prayer and accurate words of wisdom for me. Thank you Pastor Vera and continue bringing Christ’s amazing love to the people! x



No secret santa game this time… but we played Dirty Santa!

How does it work? Everyone contributes a present, then each person randomly draws a number, and by that order each person takes their turn to select a gift from the gift pile.

The catch is, after you’ve opened your gift, you have the option of swapping with anyone else who has already opened their gift! As you can imagine, lots of laughs and madness ensues as people “steal” each other’s presents.


Intense concentration and amusement


Oh the joy of unwrapping your top notch present…. only to have to taken away from you and ending up with a bottle of kaya.

I wasn’t joking about the kaya btw. Spot it?


But there were still useful surprises, like these devotional books! I kept mine and stayed contented :P
+ Family Dinner at Museo +


Museo is located in Sentosa Cove, at Quayside Isle which is near the W Hotel.

We decided to try it out because other than a rather interesting fusion menu, it looks stylish and has a nice waterfront view of the marina.


Oops, here the picture quality goes downhill because my camera battery died, hence the phone camera ^.^




let it snow!


IMG_1807 IMG_1801

The food scores well presentation wise; unfortunately for quality and taste though it was a bit of a let down. Shame really, because otherwise this place would be the whole package.




Thank you God for blessing me with my wonderful family!


+ Extended Family Dinner at Ritz Carlton Hotel +

We gave our grandma a personalised cushion with our photo together. I hope she hugs it to sleep everynight, just like how she used to hug us to sleep :)


Happy to see grandma happy!



Towering Christmas tree in the lobby. Stunning. I want this in my home!



Sweet little Isabelle. Isn’t she adorable?


+ My Treasure Pile +

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal,  but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:19 – 21

Material things aren’t the most important to me. Nonetheless, it’s a joy and pleasure to receive some nice, thoughtful presents from friends and family. Plus, I love surprises!!!!

This year’s haul:



Some of the fab stuff:


Primp & preen


Pretty storage


Unique carry-arounds


Must have scented aromas in my home


A new iPhone 5S in white & gold with 64GB! This was at the top of my wish list! I had to wait half a year more till I could upgrade my contract. Even though I never asked for it, someone very thoughtfully noticed I had no more memory space on my old phone, and that I was having a hard time with the under-performing gadget. Am so thankful for the love. x


 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

Merry belated Christmas! :)

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