Ombak Villa – Langkawi Lagoon Resort


Looking for a beach resort to escape to over upcoming Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year?

Instead of the usual hot spots like Phuket and Bali – there is another nearby  tropical paradise that you can check out.

LANGKAWI – otherwise known known as “the jewel of Kedah” in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. Only a one and a half hour plane hop away from Singapore.

I enjoyed a weekend getaway there, thanks to Ombak Villa (Langkawi Lagoon Resort).

The views when I arrived took my breath away!


 image_2  image_14 image

Have breakfast here in the morning…. sweet!

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to jump into the gorgeous pool :D

image_11 2
With the babes from Malaysia, Bella and Natalia (Just a funny thought. Both their names are actually on my list of favorites if I ever have a daughter!)

Froclick. Relax. Chill like a mermaid.

image_10-2 image_9-2 image_6-A

image_12 2




The glorious sunset was spectacular. This place has it’s pool facing the perfection direction.



These suites over the water are also available for booking.


Walking back through a serene pathway by the beach, I spotted a mother and child in a quiet moment together, captured in the sun’s loving rays of light.

As a prelude to our dinner, the group was treated to a special cooking demonstration by Malaysia’s top celebrity chef – Chef Wan!


I think everyone was entertained by his funny personality and took away some valuable tips in Southeast Asian cooking.
FYI, he has his own shows on television and a buffet restaurant in Singapore’s Plaza Singapura.

DSC_0445 IMG_3512 IMG_3525 IMG_3531 image


IMG_3599 IMG_3610

Dinner was delicious and as can be expected of me at buffets, I ate like a pig.

My friend and popular Malaysian host Julie Woon arrived later than us but it was great she managed to join us for our poolside dinner!



There are plenty of other activities you can do in Langkawi, outside of the resort.

First up, I highly recommend an ECOTOUR ADVENTURE!

Experience the wonders of nature at Langkawi’s Kilim Geoforest Park. It is full of amazing flora & fauna, and stunning geological formations like mammoth limestone rocks, fossils, caves, lagoons, beaches and seascapes.


image_6 image_7 IMG_5844

DSC_0323 DSC_0321


View soaring eagles in their natural habitat. It was such a majestic and incredible sight.



Throughout the morning tour, you can walk through dense tropical mangroves and towering limestone rocks that look like mountains, formed some 500 million years back, and many other interesting flora & fauna. For example, we came across a plant that was growing high above on a rock, that has apparently been around even before dinosaurs!

image_9 image_8


Explore dark and creepy bat caves!

image_3 image_4

Stop for lunch in a floating restaurant by the river called “Hole in the Wall“!
There is an adjacent fish farm where you can feed various breeds of fish… and eat them after. Hehee.

The seafood feast we had was good. We had soup, fish, calamari, crabs sauteed in delicious mixes…
Finished every last bit of the delicious blachang chilli on the table :)


What else can you do in Langkawi?

Take a sunset cruise out to sea!




IMG_3251 IMG_3228 image_6-2


Take a dip in the ocean…


While the crew prepares a freshly grilled dinner for you.


image_18 image_8


image_9 image_13  DSC_0208

The boat we were on was not like the usual sleek and modern white yachts I’ve always been on. This boat, by Tropical Charters, was very rustic, wooden and bohemian, giving it a fun, reggage-gypsy kind of vibe. Enjoyed it very much!

Of course, there are also the endless white sandy beaches in Langkawi to visit, with a whole host of adrenaline water sports like jet skiing and kite surfing etc.!


At night, the adventurous guys went on board a squid fishing vessel to try their hand at being sotong catchers. It’s apparently quite cold out at night, so I advise those who decide to go to bring a sweater.

At night, there aren’t that many happening clubs or cool bars in Langkawi (not as far as I know of at least). My last suggestion for evening activities?

Play charades with your friends! :)

image_13 IMG_3345 IMG_3350

Here is more information about Ombak Villa and their spacious, very clean suites.

This tranquil resort is perfect for those looking to just relax and get away.



For bookings and more information:



Advertorial Feature3


When I last used the Grabz app for perks and privileges, my friends and I enjoyed a huge scrumptious meal at Cafe Iguana with a big discount.

This time, we took advantage of another fantastic dining promotion Grabz is having – at the highly popular Edge buffet in Pan Pacific Hotel!


With the Grabz app, users can enjoy the following:

- 4th adult dines free (U.P $70/ adult)

- Free bottle of premium wine with every 4 diners (for premium Grabz members only)

Walking in and seeing the astonishingly extensive spread of culinary delights laid out before me, I couldn’t wait to start attacking the buffet.





Edge offers a theatrical and interactive dining experience with seven open kitchens. Master chefs concoct a range of delectable Singaporean, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Japanese and “Pacific Cuisine”.

My favourite food to go for: definitely seafood.

I was counting my lucky stars that night, because every Wednesday and Thursday is “Hooked @ Edge”…. aka SEAFOOD SPECIALS GALORE!






Oceanic highlights included:

Japanese & Thai
Oysters, Oyster Omelette, Prawns, Alaskan King Crab, Scallops

Grill Station
Jumbo Squid, Jumbo River Prawn in Garlic Butter, Scallops

Salt Baked Whole Salmon served with Dill Beurre BlancSquid Ink Pasta
Baked Blue Shell Mussels

Singapore Chilli CrabWhite Pepper CrayfishSambal Stingray

Salmon Tandoori

Ikan Panggang


In the end, this hungry monster ended up with all this on her table:




Looks incredible doesn’t it? Besides seafood, we enjoyed everything from pizzas and pastas, to satay, rojak and Thai duck curry (one of the best dishes in the buffet IMO)

Finally, the one section that can make or break a buffet for me.

Dessert :)

And Edge didn’t disappoint.

They had a waffle/pancake counter, endless arrays of cakes, pies, and local sweet delights.









Durian fans will be delighted to find a free flow of heavenly durian puree, pictured above. I had two bowls of it, topped with a wallop of chocolate for extra kick!


photo-5bAgri and I are notoriously gluttonish!

Cost for our group of 4:

$52.50 each (U.P $70, because 4th diner dines free!)

Plus we enjoyed a complimentary bottle of wine thanks to Grabz!

Want to indulge in this impressive buffet like we did, at such a special promotional rate?

Then you must download the Grabz app. It’s FREE! !


Get Singapore’s exclusive lifestyle perks and dining privileges at your fingertips. Enjoy up to 50% discount and awesome freebies at a large variety of merchants.



Download Grabz now and grab all the deals you can :) 
7 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square
Singapore (039595)
Tel: 6336 8111

Dîner en Blanc 2014



White is and always will be my favorite color. It gives a sensational feeling of simplistic purity, positivity, lightness and goodness. So imagine a dinner of 3000 guests all dressed in white, with everything else in white to boot — it would thrill me to no end. Like a gathering of angels, all ready to bring heaven’s party down to earth :)

This is Dîner en Blanc, literally French for “Dinner in White”.

It’s really actually a (very) glamorous “pop-up picnic”, a tradition that started years ago in a French park with some friends. Now it is an annual event held in cities across the world.

Here are some of the novel, and challenging, aspects of Dîner en Blanc that make it all the more fun:

- Strictly invitation only

- Volunteer leaders help organize and guide their assigned groups of diners

- Secret location is only revealed on the day itself as groups travel to the venue together

- Everyone must bring (and carry!) their own food, tables, chairs and decorations

- Diners are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and leaving the outdoor location as pristine as before


I was super excited to attend Singapore’s third edition, having missed the previous two years due to other commitments!

Step 1: Get the right outfit and accessories


Step 2: Converge at my group’s meeting point, which was at Marina Bay.


Lugging along white tables, chairs plus plates, cutlery, candles, food proved to be no mean feat…


Thankfully I had my friend Rob help in the heavy lifting! ;)

Step 3: Listen carefully to your leader who is trying hard to get your attention by standing precariously on a chair.

After all, he’s doing everything for you out of the kindness and generosity of his heart.



Step 4: After a long and rowdy bus journey… arrival at Tanjong Beach Sentosa.



I guessed correctly that this would be the venue! Because from clues given to us before — romantic / message in a bottle, it most certainly seemed like a beach, by the ocean. And Tanjong Beach is naturally the prettiest and most “atas” choice, lol.


Step 4: Set up time



Being on inclined sand, made it that much tougher, and messier, compared to previous years I’m sure.

If you’re going to do something, do it the right way, and do it all the way. The Martha Stewart in me is definitely alive and well, as I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed for a gorgeous table setting.  Well everything was mostly done the night before to be honest, haha.



Funny story is, we realized at the last minute that our table cloth was more beige than white, and of course that would simply not do. So began a panic drive to Spotlight literally half an hour before our group’s departure time, to purchase a crisp, white table cloth! Mission impossible completed.


I arranged the entire table setting, scattered some flowers here and some candles there, tada! It was my first time and I’m admittedly quite pleased with my effort ^.^

Dinner party at my place anyone?



Finally, sitting down for a rest.



Step 5: Spot the Guest of Honor.

In this case, a pregnant Fann Wong. Always exciting to see her, I was a fan as a young girl.


fann wong

white-picnic2eSuch a stylish preggies outfit!
Photo credits: Straits Times



Step 6:  Eat, drink and be merry with sparklers


DSCF2462  DSCF2450



Rob made delicious seafood pasta and incredible tiramisu that all our friends couldn’t help stealing big bites of too! Thanks buddy for the amazing meal, it’s always nice to have a guy cook for a girl :)



Step 7: Enjoy fireworks. Party & dance the night away on the beach






Tida, Tida… I miss you!









Such a beautiful and happy evening. Such spectacular fun. That memory of a sea of revellers in white will be an unforgetable one.


Watch the official video:

Looking forward to next year’s Dîner en Blanc already.


Halloween 2014 – Fanggggtastic

In 2012 I was Catwoman with my superheroine friends.

Last year, I was a zombie and also Indiana Jane.

This year? Well honestly, I’m not sure either! Lol! I like to think of it as a mash-up of Black Swan / Goth Fairy / Katniss Everdeen.

Getting ready in my room:


I kept the focus on the eye makeup. It consisted of lots of eyeliner, carefully drawn exaggerated wing tips, loads of mascara and I used silver glitter eyeliner for the sparkly under eye accents.


The rest of the face was kept bare with a little bronzer on the cheeks and a light coral-nude shimmer lipstick.

Final look with gloves, feathers and head piece:




The tutu and corset is a luxe costume piece that was handmade with black feathers all over and diamantes from the States. I thought of doing Black Swan when the film was released in 2011, but changed my mind so it lay stored in the back of my closet till now.

What do you think – is it more Black Swan, Goth Fairy, or Katniss Everdeen? :)


We started the night early at bar/restaurant Bacchanalia for the PRESTIGE Fang-tastic Night – a charity party in aid of the Yellow Ribbon Project.


With partner-in-crime Matilda who was dressed as KillBill’s Gogo Yubari!



No picture here, but they had the movie “Interview with the Vampire” playing on the wall too. I was transfixed by the handsomeness of a young and very pale Brad Pitt, haha.

With the rest of the fangtastic ghouls of the night:







Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 1.59.21 am
With friend and emcee and part-time dracula, Paul Foster.



Take a look at these incredible macabre jewellery & accessories…






Kungfu Panda wins a prize!


The beneficiaries of the Yellow Ribbon Project gave us a special performance, with a nifty Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance.

I truly believe everyone who’s repented from their mistakes deserve a second chance at life, society needs to more loving and accepting. I wish them the very best in their future!

With my SCGS friend Stephanie, one of the organizers of the event :) It’s so great that she’s lent her skills and talents to this good (and fun) cause.


We spookied over to meet other ghouls at The White Rabbit’s WHODUNIT party.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 1.58.43 am

Bedsheets never come in more handy than on Halloween!


Met up with my LA buddy Durjay who was back from San Francisco….



and someone, or something, very scary indeed….. :O




Happy trick-or-treaters at the photobooth.

My turn to go down the rabbit hole with the crazy people!






Till next year. Boo ya!

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 1.59.05 am


Roberto Cavalli / Sephora Beauty Night Out

The night started out first at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Glamorous Italian label Roberto Cavalli opened its flagship store in Singapore and I was there for the launch party!


Singapore_Beauty_Makeup_Sephora-13 photo-2


Known for dressing Hollywood stars such as Beyoncè Knowles, Charlize Theron, Demi Moore and Sharon Stone, Roberto Cavalli’s style is distinguished by  for his prints, which are central to his vision and convey his love for nature and his unbridled creativity. Flower motifs, animalier patterns, feline spots and jungle themes are all quintessentially Cavalli.




For the runway show, we saw slinky flapper style dresses with luxurious beadings, plunging necklines, fiery motifs, and exotic furs. It was pure Gatsby meets rock & roll meets boho chic. A stunning fall/winter 2014 collection.




For the menswear, I was reminded of one of favourite comedies – Zoolander.  Don’t cha think? ;)

“Give me a Blue Steel!”


photo 4YSL, Givenchy, Valentino… and uh, I hope Adam was wearing Roberto Cavalli ^.^




The store features the full range of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, bags and shoes, beginning with the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection.

The modern interior concept remains sleek and clean-cut, allowing the collections to bring out the glamour of the brand.


Roberto Cavalli
B1-11, Galleria Level,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands



After a quick gong cha fix, we made a dash to another event….


Sephora Beauty Night Out!


It was a beautiful madness with pumping music, Sephora staff dancing with wild abandon on stage. drinks galore, and women of all ages plying through the aisles buying cosmetics to last a year.

There was an awesome 20% off for invited guests after all!

photo-3The tasty little beef pies served were in the shape of lips and you apply a slick of cranberry gloss over them before eating.. creative genius :)




I took the cue from the has tag of the night and pouted my way through photos, haha.


photo 2-3

Making a special guest appearance was Jonte Moaning, renowned for being dance choreographer to the likes of Beyonce and Janet Jackson. In his skin tight flamboyant getup, he was all glitter, air-kisses and total sexy diva-liciousness. It was so fun hanging out with him drinking champagne together!

Adam got some really cool shots of Jonte. Yea, work it sister!




Whenever I step into Sephora, my eyes glaze over and my well stocked dressing table at home suddenly ceases to exist. All I see are are endless aisles of pretty boxes. Gorgeous shades pinks, corals and reds screaming out to me. Gobsmacking palettes of enchanting shimmers and metallics. The promises of alluring eyes, rosy flushes, perfect skin.


Sephora is one big giant Venus trap. And wait till you get to the cashier section. No one escapes that death-maze-of-cute-and-cheap-beauty-steals leader up to the counters. And I mean, NO ONE. While we were haplessly, happily lost in the death-maze throwing mini cans of dry shampoo and tubes of lip gloss into our baskets with every step towards, my friend ended up getting TWO Clarisonic cleansers. I nearly did too. Which is quite befuddling upon looking back because Clarisonic was not even there.

Ah, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My star buy of the night was the cult favourite, Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palette.


It’s my first, and since Emily is one of the million fans who swear by it, I’m excited to give it a shot. But I don’t usually wear eyeshadow so… guess it may be time to experiment with new looks!


UOB Travel Savvy Live Gameshow

Last week, I faced off against other bloggers in a battle of cultural and geographical wits!


We were playing a live gameshow quiz at UOB Plaza, in line with the launch of UOB’s travel insurance promotion.

A savvy traveller is one who knows the importance of having travel insurance to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable holiday.

Besides making necessary preparations or trips, a savvy traveller is also one who expands his horizons with knowledge of the vast and fascinating world around us.


And thus the basis of UOB’s new Travel Savvy online game, where you’re tested on your general knowledge of flags, foods, landmarks and traditional costumes from around the world. It’s not dumb fun but actually very interesting and educational I must say.



Select from 2 choices the correct answer for the picture


My fellow contestants for the game were Brad (ladyironchef) and Christabel (representing thesmartlocal).


In the first round, we each teamed up with one of our followers to play. The winner that I selected from my participating followers was Jeelene, a sweet young graduate. Was lovely to meet her :)







Uobts_116Deep in intellectual discussion on the finer points of difference between the Hungarian and Norwegian national dress



The funny thing was that Brad’s challenges were ALWAYS food photos! Ohhh organizers, make it a bit more difficult for him hey? :P

Jeelene and I were so close to beating Brad’s team; too bad they hit the buzzer faster than us for the last question!




Good fight nonetheless Jeelene ;) Thank you for coming down to participate with me, I hope you had fun with us!

Half an hour later, was our *drum roll* blogger face-off challenge. Just us. All. Alone. With. No. Help.






Indonesia or Cambodia?  Germany or Portugal? Things got pretty tricky at some parts.

Once again, I was through to the very final question. But this time it was a tie-breaker with Christabel… and it’s too bad I didn’t hit the buzzer first. Ahhh, total deja vu.

But it’s okay, it was all good fun together! :)


Throughout the day the public also had the opportunity to take part in the game and walk away with many travel prizes.

More photos from the event:











UOB_Travel_Savvy105My sister came down to support, muacks. 


Uobts_122Was happy to catch up with Melody again (Brad’s pretty fiancé!)






 Uobts_151Group shot with the organisers :)



You too can experience the  UOB Travel Savvy fun via the online game here!



Amazing prizes are up for grabs:

* Top 10 highest score with fastest game play wins weekly prizes 

*  A pair of Singapore Airlines tickets to 5 amazing destinations such as Melbourne, Seoul and Maldives, to be won weekly via a Grand lucky draw 


The Travel Savvy game goes on for another 2 weeks, so don’t miss out!

It’s really simple (or not) to play.


**WARNING: Highly addictive

Simply pick the correct answer to the picture shown. Your aim is to get as many questions correct consecutively and in the fastest time possible. Be careful, one mistake and the game ends.

Some questions are really easy, but they do throw a curveball at you once in a while. Which makes it all the more exciting.
Once you’ve proven your travel savvy greatness, remember to register when prompted to qualify for the prizes.

One way to increase your chances in the Grand Lucky Draw is to buy Insure & Travel Enhanced

You can also find  Insure & Travel Enhanced on the game’s website, plus there is an ongoing 25% promotional discount now on their variety of plans to suit your every need!

It’s definitely a good idea —  you get coverage for your overseas holidays, while getting one step luckier to winning those SQ tickets :)


When I travel I always make sure I have travel insurance -  It’s better to be safe than sorry. I really don’t want to deal with the nightmare of lost luggage, flight delays or medical emergencies all by myself and out of my own pocket.


Why travel insurance and Insure & Travel?

1. Get insured even before you actually travel! For instance, it covers trip cancellation.

2. Unlimited coverage for emergency medical evacuation & repatriation. For instance, UOI has engaged International SOS to provide emergency medical assistance worldwide.

3. Up to S$300,000 for Medical, Dental & Other Expenses incurred overseas. For instance, you meet with any unfortunate event overseas and require medical assistance while you are still overseas.

4. Up to S$250,000 for Personal Accident


Why wait? Head on over to now!

For more information, visit

Invisalign at The Orthodontic Clinic

Most of you who’ve been following me for a long time would probably know by now, that it is quite rare to find photos of me in big smiles.

(Treasure hunt now anyone?)

Well, I do smile, like :) but it’s on a blue moon that you’d find me break out in a real smile of wild abandon, like :D.

Say cheese… not.


Is it a sense of allusive mystery I want to convey , ala the Mona Lisa or the ethereal Princess Diana…?


There is one other, simpler reason though.
I don’t like my teeth :(

Beautiful, straight white teeth and a sparkling smile can improve a person’s look drastically. You can have the best looking face… but bad teeth will ruin everything. Hence if you observe carefully, supermodels, Hollywood stars, Korean celebrities and even our Miss Singapore beauty pageant contestants all have perfectly crafted smiles. And with absolute certainty they weren’t born that way!

Some  examples:

Catherine Zeta Jones

Miley Cyrus

Goo Hara

Song Hye Kyo



Inspired yet? ^.^


People often tell me that I have nice straight teeth. However, I cannot agree with them a hundred percent.

The thing is, I’ve always felt there was something off with my teeth and my smile, although I couldn’t pinpoint for sure exactly why.

  • My upper teeth are  too wide.
  • My mouth looks a bit funny
  • My speech, in turn, is affected too. I feel like I have a slight lisp and I’ve trained myself since childhood to mask it very well.
  • Worst of all, I sometimes suffer from jaw pains and headaches. (Was told by doctors it could be a dental issue)


All this made me rather camera shy and awkward in front of the camera when I first started out in the media industry. Although I’ve since gained bucket loads more confidence, I have to admit I sometimes still feel a tad self-conscious about the way I smile or speak. In light of my public work too, it is quite an annoyance.

Screenshot of an interview – not so nice teeth huh?

Am I being overly vain and absurd? Is my imagination playing tricks on me? I finally decided to find out.

My girlfriend Geraldine is runs a very successful practice with her partner Sharlene, called The Orthodontic Clinic  located right in the heart of Orchard and Scotts Road at Pacific Plaza.







DSCF2189Bright, modern and cheery rooms.


DSCF2192While sitting in the torture seat, comfort yourself with the fact that you have a nice view of town and blue skies ;)

DSCF2179The clinic’s unofficial mascot – he’s wearing braces too!

DSCF2185Can I play with this DIY craft kit?

DSCF2172My gorgeous doctor

I’ve heard glowing reviews about Geraldine from my other friends who are her patients, plus I felt assured I was her good hands as she is an orthodontist specialist, with credentials and awards that list on and on and on.

She’s one of the best around, I’m so proud of her that I’m going to show her off! :P


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.17.18 am


FYI, choose your dental care provider carefully, many general dentists do orthodontic work but are not actually specialised in the field, kind of like how many general practitioner doctors go into aesthetic medicine these days but aren’t actually trained plastic surgeons.


Geri (as I call her) examined me and took x-rays and pictures of my teeth. My suspicions were confirmed.

In her warm and affable manner, Geri explained to me my conditions in detailed, yet easy-to- understand terms. She was honest in her opinion and I appreciated that she did not try to hard sell her services.

From an orthodontist’s perspective, she said there were glaring problems which were advisable to correct with braces. On the other hand, she said from a lay person’s point of view that it’s not majorly noticeable and I’m “pretty enough, lah!

So ladies & gentlemen, I present to you my dental problem areas, along with my photos:


Overbite -

When the upper front teeth excessively overlap the lower front teeth when biting (over-closure of the bite) An easy way to check for this is to smile and see if your upper row of teeth covers your lower row by more than half.

Overbite teeth are considered a type of malocclusion, or “bad bite.” This can cause damage to the gum tissue around the lower front teeth and the roof of the mouth. It can make the top jaw and lips look protruding and the bottom jaw look receding.

Overbite teeth can affect the way you talk, chew, and even change the structure of your face.




Broad upper teeth line

Some teeth need to be pushed inwards.



Collapsed lower teeth and crowding

They need to be pushed out and straightened



Asymmetry in the alignment of the upper and lower jaws. Usually this is caused by missing teeth or a crossbite on one side of the mouth, causing the lower jaw to shift to the one side.

My entire lower row of teeth is positioned overly to the right, and the top jaw does not bite down properly on the lower jaw. This results in uneven dental midlines.

The stress on facial joints caused by the improper bite is the cause of my headaches. It could also potentially lead to other problems like ringing in the ears.



Ironically, instead of feeling sad about this heap of awful ailments, I felt a sense of relief, a triumphant, satisfied validation. My hunch about my teeth was right all this time! And the best thing about identifying the problems is — now  I could  find a solution!

I knew there and then that I definitely wanted to start treatment with braces. Since I was so sure, Geri proceeded to help me make an informed decision on which type of braces to go for.


DSCF2197Brace yourself for some decision making



Immediately, the choice was clear.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.41.39 pm


Pun clearly intended! Because invisalign treatment consists of a series of see-through, removable aligners.

The clear aligners are individually customised to fit you, specially manufactured in the Invisalign labs in USA. They are worn for 20 – 22 hours a day and a new set is changed every 2 weeks. Your teeth will gradually move towards the final position prescribed by your dental provider.




Were there any other compelling reasons for me to choose Invisalign?


  • Invisalign fits seamlessly into my lifestyle with as little disruption as possible.
  • Invisalign is nearly invisible – it’s discreet and people won’t be able to tell I’m having braces on. I can continue looking normal and still carry on with my shoots and hosting, instead of looking comical in metal braces for two years.
  • Invisalign is comfortable – the aligners are smooth and individually manufactured to fit your teeth. No clunky metal brackets or wires to cause mouth or gum irritation.
  • Invisalign saves time – with my hectic schedule, it’s troublesome and inconvenient to be visiting Geri every two weeks for traditional braces adjustments. Whereas with Invisalign, I’d only need to pop in once every few months. It also takes longer to brush and floss properly with metal braces.
  • Invisalign lets me eat whatever I want – now this is of incredible importance to a glutton like me! Just remove the aligners and I can enjoy my meals as normal, without worrying about food getting stuck in braces.
  • Invisalign is predictable – what if I end up with smile that I don’t like? Rather than leaving it to the imagination, Invisalign software creates a 3D computer simulation of your treatment plan beforehand, so you can preview your teeth movements stage by stage until final result. If I don’t like what I see, I can tell the orthodontist and get the treatment plan changed.
  • Invisalign does not take a longer time to complete – the treatment duration is more or less about the same as traditional braces, around 1 – 2 years.


All I can say is…. Hooray for medical technology!!!

I’ve realised that getting braces is not only for cosmetic reasons, it’s significantly important for health and medical reasons as well. For example, properly aligned teeth helps promote healthier gums and decreases stress and breakage on teeth.





It’s been nothing short of a fun, joyful and relaxing environment at the Orthodntic Clinic with the lovely team.

The nurses were incredibly sweet and bubbly too, they instagrammed  a really cute and funny pic of us! :)


Next week I will be announcing my official perfume line called Uncreepy.


Did you know that The Orthodontic Clinic gives back to society as well? They are faithful supporters of the charity organisation Operation Smile, and in their efforts to promote their cause, they are absorbing all consultation fees for patients interested in Invisalign from now till end of October. Dr Sharlene is also an Operation Smile volunteer and has been for mission trips to Bhutan and Mongolia thus far.


 Can’t wait to visit these ladies again for my next Invisalign appointment :)

I’ll update soon on what happens next – teeth impressions and my 3D virtual simulation.

I’m excited to start my treatment and share my Invisalign journey with all of you!



9 Scotts Road, Scotts Medical Center (above Pacific Plaza)

#08-02, Singapore 228210

Tel: 6737 3850 Fax: 6737 3950





Café Fest Singapore 2014


Coffee in hand…. but wait, this doesn’t look like a hipster cafe?


It seems like Singapore is seeing more and more fun weekend festivals and events every week! The latest one I checked out today was Café Fest.  The inaugural event had 12 of the best cafés across the island set up pop-up shops along the Waterfront Promenade at Marina Bay. Epicureans of coffee and food, this is your one-stop café-hop.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.04.25 amSome all-too-familiar, some new to me. But I want to try something from them all!


Miu Miu sunglasses / Lexi Lyla shirt / Givenchy Antigona bag / Valentino Rockstud Noir heels


I’m a huge fan of the Marina Bay Sands promenade and it’s my favourite place to stroll around in Singapore. The scenic waterfront is so breezy and relaxing. You may not get to experience the cozy ambience of each achingly cool cafe, but this is pretty darn nice as well!

With my pal Clarence


People say coffee and cigarettes go together best.

I beg to differ. COFFEE & DESSERTS. Now that’s the shiite.




Throw in a great live band and you’re pretty much set.

Caffeine high x Sugar high x Music High.


Local band 53A performing


And here we go… the mandatory selfies ;P




Pity I couldn’t stay for the sunset, I had to rush off to church at 5pm!
This two-day event has one day left, check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.04.49 am


FTV Beach Festival

Couture gowns and swim wear that cost more than $6,000. Thirty models from over five countries ‘walking’ on water, over 15,000 glasses of champagne sipped by the city’s most stylish party-goers, as they rocked to the DJ beats by the ocean and under the stars.

Did you have a blast a last year’s FTV Beach Festival? I sure did!


And to be hosting a show broadcast to millions of viewers, with the exuberant crowds (some frolickers literally threw a giant beach ball over my head when I was on stage!) was an exhilarating memory to cherish.









It was the biggest event I’d hosted to date, so some nerves were expected. But it all turned out amazing and the enthusiastic crowd got me rolling with the flow! Big thank you to the organisers FTV, Sony Xperia, and Creative Insurgence for giving me such an incredible and unforgettable opportunity!

More throwback photos:


I’m wearing a dress sponsored by Singapore-Dubai luxury label Zardoze with necklace courtesy of Xevana









Included in the goodie bags were samples of Silky Veil – the best-selling Japanese instant whitening body cream that I endorse.
Try the samples at Nishino Pharmacy in Isetan or Takashimaya to believe it for yourself!




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Sizzingly hot catwalks




With the roaring success of last year’s beach festival, of course they had to do a second round this year!


The most glamorous Fashion Beach Festival 2014 will take place this Saturday, on Aug 30, 2014 at Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa.

  • 15 hours of non-stop partying, as the record for the most bottles of alcohol consumed in one day aims to be set.
  • The debut of the world’s first trilliant-cut diamond collection from Caraters worth $2,000,000 will take place.
  • Semi-finals of the Caraters Top Girl Search (dressed by my brand Lexi Lyla!)
  • Five fashion shows by international 38 models
  • A Sony Xperia exhibition of an acrobatic artist in a water-filled martini glass towering above the audience
  • More than 5,000 partygoers

I’m giving away 3 pairs of tickets worth $76 each to my followers!

For a chance to win tickets to this party, simply email me your name, contact number and IC number to with the subject head “FBF GIVEAWAY” and tell me briefly why you want to go.

(The 3 winners picked  will be notified via email on how to collect their tickets)


Sun. Skin. Diamonds. Have fun sparkling on Satuday you happy shiny people :)